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Reliable online payment solutions for the high-volume marketer.



Capital for up-front media costs or to grow your business.



Tools to close more deals and make more money.

PowerPay offers a complete range of services tailored to the world of Direct Response. Whether you're a DR marketing professional or a service provider, you can put our deep expertise and integrated solutions to work for your business.


Technology to Meet Every Direct Response Marketing Need

In a card-not-present environment, it's crucial for a DR business to have maximum flexibility to accept a wide range of payments and electronic transactions – so you never have to say no to a customer. Whether you're accepting CNP payments online, over the phone or via mail order/telephone order (MOTO), our gateway can be customized to work with almost any system. With our innovative and personalized merchant account technologies, your transactions will be processed securely and reliably, every time. Go beyond basic check and credit card processing and take advantage of PowerPay's:

  • Flexible card-not-present credit and debit card processing and merchant services.
  • Money-saving eCheck processing and paper check payment processing.
  • Safe, secure and valuable online gateway solutions.

PowerPay Flexible
Funding Opportunities

Strapped for growth capital but have at least $2500 per week in sales? PowerPay Media Funding can help bridge the gap between your up-front media costs and your revenue. Repay us from your media-generated sales without giving up any equity in your business. Want to turn future sales into Working Capital? Leverage your merchant processing to purchase inventory or expand operations.


Profitable Partnerships

Our merchant partners get an easy, no-cost way to boost their bottom line through PowerPay's revenue-generating referral program.

When you send us new business, we reward you. It's that simple. You receive a generous portion of the residual income each time a referral opens a new merchant account with us. And your referrals get what they need to help them stay ahead of the competition:

  • Secure mobile and eCommerce payment technologies.
  • Reliable POS solutions and secure virtual terminals.
  • Flexible funding for a media buy or business expansion.

Process with PowerPay and enjoy:

Proactive, dedicated merchant account service that continues long after the initial application and setup.

Expert technical support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No exceptions.

Fewer restrictions and more favorable terms, because we work one-on-one to lower returns, resolve disputes and avoid chargebacks.

Protection for your direct response business with risk mitigation and fraud prevention solutions.

Access to working capital to buy media, launch a new product, purchase inventory or expand your business.

And here's the best part.

PowerPay's implementation team can help DR marketing professionals and service providers integrate these revolutionary electronic payment interfaces with their existing software free of charge in as little as three days.

Ready to see what PowerPay can do to help you grow your DR business?

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